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Day of Silence
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GET READY! Here's a list of resources to help you plan your Day of Silence!

DAY of SILENCE® Organizing Manual
This year we've rewritten the book on the Day of Silence! The new Day of Silence Organizing Manual is brand new and features a step-by-step guide on how to organize Day of Silence activities in your school, examples of events and activities you can plan, an organizing countdown to help you stay on task, tips for addressing resistance or opposition to your organizing and more!
     Download » [391k 1.5 MB/21 pages, pdf]

SPEAKING CARDS / Crear tarjetas para Día de Silencio
How do you spread the Day of Silence message without speaking? With Speaking Cards of course! Print out copies of the speaking cards and hand them out to people as you remain silent.
     Download » [English - 108k pdf]
     Download » [Español - 40k pdf]

LAMBDA LEGAL: The Freedom to Speak (or Not) 2011
Do you have the right to stay silent in class? Know your rights during the Day of Silence with this helpful document from Lambda Legal.
     Download » [126k pdf]

Download this template and print your own Day of Silence® stickers using AVERY standard Name Badge Labels (Avery # 5395).
     Download » [Black/White - 1.3MB print quality pdf]
     Download » [Color - 3.1MB print quality pdf]

You can download and print this poster onto an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. In the blank box write the date of your Day of Silence activities at your school.
     Download » [Color - 1.3MB print quality pdf]

WEB BUTTONS - Put one on your web site!
We've made Day of Silence® banners for you to use on your MySpace, Facebook, blog or other personal site.
     Click here

DOS is just around the corner! Maybe you haven’t had an opportunity to organize, or perhaps your school won’t support your participation. Don't worry, there are still lots of things you can do.
     Download » [59k pdf]

Download this resource for ideas of how college students can organize to make K-12 schools safer, healthier and more respectful for LGBT youth.
     Download » [87k pdf]

ACLU: Letter to Principal or Educator (2011)
This letter from the Senior Council of the ACLU LGBT Project requests support for students observing the Day of Silence and explains legal basis for students' right to peaceful expression of their beliefs. It includes references to court decisions about fair and equal treatment and protecting students from disruptive opposition by other students.
     Download » [64k pdf]

EDUCATORS and FAMILIES click here for an Educator's Guide to the Day of Silence, Sample Letter to Staff about the Day of Silence and more.

What are YOU going to do to end the silence?
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